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"When I first started OYOP I was lacking confidence, after Workshop 1 the change I have seen (and others have seen in me) has been incredible"

Gemma – Finance Professional, Public Sector 

What drives you to be successful? 

Have you ever wondered the extent to which your current mindset and thinking habits inhibit or enhance your ability to: 

  • Get the most out of your career
  • Keep both personal and professional challenges in their proper perspective 
  • Build better connections and relationships with other people

The Optimising Your Own Performance (OYOP) programme provides a whole year of professional and personal development to support you to change your mindset and thinking habits, in order to maximise the opportunity to successfully achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

OYOP shares 50+ mental skills which have a proven track record - results here; of assisting people to achieve personal confidence, peace of mind and clarity of thought.

The OYOP programme online makes mental fitness accessible to people anywhere in the world.

OYOP Originator 

Ashley Bookman designed the programme Optimising Your Own Performance to enable people to take far greater responsibility for their own mental health and to provide ways to achieve the goals you desire. 

Throughout his career Ashley has maintained a personal commitment to facilitate people in achieving sustainable peace of mind and make the most of their lives. He has worked with people ranging from FTSE 100 CEOs wrestling with organisational problems to people suffering from stress, trauma or depression who are struggling to find a way forward. 

Ashley has spent 30 years working with thousands of people and has established that the majority of mental stresses can be largely resolved by understanding and evolving the paradigms and thinking habits which originally made the situations seem stressful.  

OYOP Programme Benefits 

The Optimise Your Own Performance (OYOP) programme enables you to progressively change your mindsets and select the kind of thinking which maximises the possibility for your success: 

  • Develop an action orientated mindset 
  • Make grounded sustainable decisions
  • Maintain harmonious personal and organisational relationships 
  • Improve your own self-esteem 
  • Avoid organisational drama 
  • Use a contribution orientated attitude 
  • Act with maturity and wisdom 

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to be more be more peaceful in their mind, have harmony in their relationships and be more productive.

Programme Fees
  • Individual corporately funded place £2,000 + VAT
  • In-house programme fees available - for more information please contact us
  • Self-funded place £1,000 (including VAT)
  • If you are a student or work in the charity sector or NHS please contact us for a discounted rate and code

What's included in the programme fees? 

  • 5 days of personal development workshops. 
  • Weekly practices to implement in between each workshop which can be easily absorbed into your daily routine.  The workshops and practices combine to build your capability and enhance the way you experience your life. 
  • Access to coaching. 

Programme Dates


Workshop 1: Learn how to reset your Work and Life balance

25 & 26 January 2022, PM sessions


Workshop 2: Build your confidence and self-esteem and be in charge of how you deal with life

29 & 30 March 2022, PM sessions


Workshop 3: Develop the thinking skills you need to serve your highest ambitions

24 & 25 May 2022, PM sessions


Workshop 4: Use all your experiences to build a more competent, resilient and dynamic approach to life

26 & 27 July 2022, PM sessions


Workshop 5: Find productive ways to contribute and enrich the lives of others

27 & 28 September 2022, PM sessions

“OYOP has become part of my everyday life – it has helped me improve my relationship with my wife and son and made me much more settled in myself in every way.”

Dan - Gardner

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